Mr. Paull C​haffey

​Property Development Strategist

Paull is a passionate former property developer who has recognised the necessity for property developers to maintain a pipeline of good quality feasible projects.

Paull presents these feasible development opportunities to key decision makers and allows the property developers to focus upon their core business of delivering profitable projects, without the risk or concerns of acquiring sites and authority approvals.

I have a history in strategic opportunity sourcing, procurement and structuring; my passion is being a Rainmaker   -   Paull Chaffey

Paull’s history includes his role as Chief Executive Officer of LISACA Group, a property development firm established in Queensland where he led the highly qualified team for six years before returning home to Sydney in 2011.

Paull’s enthusiasm and unique ability to explain property-based wealth creation strategies in simple terms inspired investors for a decade before Paull moved on to other challenges.

Paull is committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable developments.

​Mr. Steven Chandler

Development Director

Steve Chandler is a third generation property developer with over 35 years’ experience. Steve is a former lecturer at one of Australia’s most recognised universities and travels Australia delivering property development training at both introductory and advanced levels for the Australian property industry’s peak representative body.

Steve is also a leading author of books on building and property development.

As a property developer in his own right and as a property development strategist, advisor and consultant, one of Steve’s core capabilities is to lead a team of experts to prepare, instigate and deliver property related strategies including value enhancement, divestment, repurposing and development including property value uplift strategies.

The first 20 years of Steve's career was in the commercial construction industry before he moved into property development. Steve has been an adjudicator under the SOPA (Security Of Payment Act) and has held a builders license in New South Wales for over 20 years. 

Steve has a 100% success rate with obtaining authority approvals. Obtaining authority approvals is one of Steve’s core capabilities that clients can rely upon.