HBU are specialists in providing council approved development sites to property developers.

Our skills enable us to maximize the profitability of a site by achieving its Highest and Best Use - “HBU”

When HBU looks at property ‘we see what’s not there’.

Our Vision

HBU’s vision is to provide property developers with profitable site acquisition opportunities that have authority approvals in place based upon the site’s highest and best use.

Core Competencies

HBU was established by Paull Chaffey and Steven Chandler, two veterans of the property development industry, to cater for an increasing demand in the property development arena for profitable, authority approved development sites in sought after locations throughout Australian capital cities.

HBU sources development sites in desirable locations, determines their highest and best use, undertakes a feasibility analysis, and then, if it meets our profit criteria, we obtain development approvals from the authorities.

Following the development approvals, we hand over the site to one of our preferred developers to commence delivery and to realise the profitability in the project.

Paull Chaffey heads our site sourcing and acquisition team whilst Steve Chandler leads our team of expert consultants to obtain authority approvals.

The HBU Difference

At HBU we believe that site acquisition and obtaining authority approvals is a science.



The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment

Source: Google 20 March 2017

HBU uses a scientific approach to site sourcing, acquisition and approvals, often resulting in superior outcomes in terms of timing, yield and profitability.

HBU’s acquisition process differs from the mainstream approach and provides property owners with a far more palatable relocation proposition, resulting in higher success rates for divestment whilst retaining substantial development uplift.

Our methodology for preparing development applications is thorough and effective; it minimises the time required by the authorities to assess and determine our applications; it also enables us to achieve much higher yields than may otherwise be achieved.